Appointment Information & Government Announcements

13 May 2020

Dear Patients:

Some of you may have heard the BC Government announce last week that dentists would be allowed to return to work starting mid-May. Although this was announced, dentists have not been guided by our governing body, the College of Dentists of BC, on what treatments we will be able to provide or what protective equipment we need to use. Without this information, we have been instructed to continue only treating emergency patients (trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, or uncontrollable infection).

I know that many of you are eager to have your cleaning and dental treatments. However, without clear instructions from our College, we are unable to treat any non-emergencies. The protective equipment we may need to use is also very difficult, almost impossible to purchase and without it we will not be able to keep ourselves or our patients safe.

Please be aware that all future appointments you have booked with the clinic have been cancelled, without any exception. Once we do return to the office we will start rebooking patients and work through our 2+ month backlog of appointments.

I hope we receive more information soon. I promise I will contact you with another newsletter to keep you updated.

We are all anxiously awaiting our return to work, but we must keep everyone safe. Although we have flattened the curve, with the sacrifices we all have made, we are not quite out of this pandemic yet.

Stay safe,

Dr. Eric Bussieres